Sheikh Ponda have to surrender himself in three days.

Sheikh Issa Ponda, a secretary of the Council of Islamic Organizations in Tanzania have been given three days to surrender himself to the police for allegedly uttering seditious and abusive language.

I advise Sheikh Ponda to surrender himself because even if he runs away it wont help him because we will arrest him. He knew he was breaking the law, when he uttered seditious words now he should be ready to face legal action, Special Zone Police Commander (RPC) Lazaro Mambosasa told reporters in his office yesterday.

According to the RPC, the clerics language ridiculed the government. Mr Mambosasa added that he had to surrender himself between Thursday and Saturday or else he would find himself in serious trouble.

However, Mr Mambosasa didnt disclose the exact words uttered by Sheikh Ponda. The cleric has been finding himself in trouble on several occasions following his public utterances.

In December 2016, he was set free after staying in remand prison for more than two years over charges of incitement and instigating religious hatred.

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