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Goalkeeper dies during a match after collision with team-mate

A top divisions goalkeeper in Indonesias league has died after colliding with a team-mate during a league match.

According to the statement posted on the website of the Persela FC, the goalkeeper, Choirul Huda, 38, was died from possible head trauma and neck trauma.

He was rushed to hospital on Sunday but pronounced dead shortly after arriving.

Dr Yudistiro Andri Nugroho from Dr Soegiri Lamongan hospital in Lamongan, East Java said Huda suffered impacts on the chest and lower jaw.

He added that the collision resulted in Huda stopping breathing and [caused a] cardiac arrest.

He said a medical team attempted to revive him but after an hour there were no reflexes of signs of normal life.

The match continued, with Persela beating Semen Padang 2-0.

Persela said thousands of fans later attended a candlelit vigil to honour the goalkeeper, who made more than 500 league appearances for his only club.

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