Zanzibar ready for oil, gas exploration

EXPLORATION and extraction of oil and natural gas in Zanzibar is scheduled to start any time from now, using a special aircraft known as drone in dry land and ocean.

Zanzibar Minister of Lands, Water, Energy and Environment, Salama Aboud Talib, said preliminary works on the exploration and extraction of oil and natural gas will begin in Pemba block.

"This is to inform the public in Unguja and Pemba that soon works on exploration and extraction of oil and natural gas will start in Pemba block in Zanzibar. The block comprises of dry land in all the isles and ocean surrounding the isles," she explained.

The minister revealed that Bell Aerospace Enterprise Limited from the United Kingdom will execute the works, using drones to study rocks beneath the earth for oil and natural gas, the process that is expertly known as Airborne Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry Survey.

The minister said the exploration and extradition works on the block will take four months, assuring the public that the works will not have any effect on residents and that they should continue with their duties as usual.

The Zanzibar government has asked wananchi to collaborate with experts who will be performing the exercise to avoid work delays on the exploration and extraction stages.

It is clear that the public in Zanzibar has for a long time waited for commencement of exploration of oil and natural gas and final extract of the precious natural resource.

We all believe this resource will help the growth of our economy, she explained.

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