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Liverpool's manager Jurgen Klopp discussed his side's injuries and changes to his starting line-up ahead of Liverpool's English League Cup quarter-final against Leeds United on Tuesday (29th November).

1. 00:00 SOUNDBITE: (English) Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool manager (on Liverpool's injuries including Philippe Coutinho, Adam Lallana and Daniel Sturridge)

"No, no. I have to think about it. Obviously you know about Phil (Philippe Coutinho). He has his scan this afternoon. We'll know then more. Adam (Lallana) is on a very good way close to team training. But that means in the same moment that he's not ready for the game (against Leeds). Daniel is not in team training so it means the same (not ready to face Leeds). And Roberto (Firmino) we have to wait. I know that yesterday it was (Firmino's injury) was still painful. And so that's then something we have to wait for, how he feels today. There's another day for us, so probably I think it will be OK but I'm not sure at the moment."

2. 00:43 SOUNDBITE: (English) Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool manager (on Klopp's gesture to the crowd to make more noise against Sunderland)

"My opinion is (that) during the 90, 95, 100 minutes, plus warming up, plus all the stuff. We all who are interested in Liverpool FC and want to be successful together, need to do a job so that's how it is. Everybody who cannot play, because it's not on the pitch, has still to do a job. I have to do a job, and the crowd have to do a job so that's all. But I'm sure they know that's what they want, it's what we all want. It's much nicer to watch a football game in a great atmosphere than in a silent room so that's the only thing. And sometimes you need reminders in life.

I need reminders too. That was my job in this moment to remind, and it was obviously quite easy because everybody was ready in a second. How everybody could see it helped a lot."

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