Shein pushes for speedy disposal of cases

ZANZIBAR President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein yesterday opened a refurbished building for the High Court in Pemba Island, calling for speedy disposal of cases.

“Speeding up case hearing minimises inconveniences, reduces time consumption and cuts costs. Lack of efficiency in the judiciary system may derail the country from peace and stability,” Dr Shein said amid deafening cheers from the audience.

Pemba residents expressed their joy over the building, saying they will no longer have to wait for judges to travel to the Islands to preside over cases, “It is a milestone towards improvement of the court system,” said Ms Saada Abdalla, a residence of Chakechake.

Ms Abdalla said that lack of resident Judge in Pemba had contributed to delays in case hearing, resulting into disappointment.

The event in Chakechake town in South Pemba was an opportunity for Dr Shein to remind executives, particularly local leaders, against creation of more land conflicts, which he said were hampering development.

“We have declared zero tolerance to any leader who get involved in land conflicts...people are tired and also it drives away investors,” Dr Shein said as he thanked land tribunal for handling the cases.

He commended efforts by the Chief Justice (CJ) office to ensure that Pemba gets the building for case hearing, directing the Ministry of State, Constitution, Legal Affairs, Public Service and Good Governance to next financial year allocate sufficient funds for construction of new High Court Building at Tunguu area in Unguja Island.

“Other public institutions should emulate the CJ and save through minimising expenditures to improve working environment,” said the President, describing timely and smooth hearing of cases as a reflection of justice, democracy and good governance.

He said the construction f the High Court building in Pemba was also the outcome of ‘quarterly performance assessment of the fiscal year’ of individual Ministry’s better planning and austerity measures.

Recently, the president received performance reports from each ministry, commending all the ministries for the good work within a short period since he started his second and final term in office.

The President also called for concerted efforts to end escalating abuses against children and women in the Islands, directing prompt hearing and determination of sexual abuse related cases.

He ordered the key partners in the war against sexual abuse, the court, police, victims and DDP office, to intensify cooperation in dealing with the vice, challenging relatives and witnesses to attend and testify before the court without fear. Meanwhile, Zanzibar First Lady Mwanamwema Shein has counselled Zanzibari’s against wastage of precious time on gossip and instead work hard to improve their livelihood.

“Let us give politics a break until 2020...everyone should concentrate on work and other development issues,” Ms Shein said at a meeting with elected and special seats legislators at Chakechake State Rest House.

The First lady’s advice comes amid rumours of pending power sharing agreement between the opposition Civic United Front (CUF) Secretary General Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad and incumbent President Shein, following the disputed rerun elections in March.

Speculators say the political agreement is backed by the development partners led by the US and UK, and the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon who plans to visit Tanzania before retirement.

But, the First Lady asked the lawmakers to educate their electorates, some busy preparing for the power sharing ceremony before end of year, by decorating their houses, that there is nothing of the kind.

“In addition to your work as representatives of the people in the house, you have to do parental tasks of encouraging youth to engage in legal income generating activities instead of staying idle, falling prey to drug abuse and gossiping,” she said.

Ms Mwanamwema said she remains unhappy to see many youth stay idle, with some trapped in using illicit drugs, abusing children, and others used by politicians to spread rumours.

Wife of the Second Vice- President Ambassador Seif Ali Iddi, Asha Iddi, speaking at the same meeting, asked the youth to collaborate with their respective leaders to establish self employed jobs to fight poverty alongside maintaining peace and stability.

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