New Dodoma University’s council needs to promote government vision

NEWLY appointed members council of the University Dodoma have been urged to be key pioneers to promote government’s vision by adhering on core objectives and assist government initiatives of becoming a middle income economy.

The urge was given here yesterday by the newly appointed Chairperson for council of the University of Dodoma Ms Gaudencia Kabaka when opening the first duty meeting of the fourth phase council of the University of Dodoma.

Ms Kabaka noted that members should stick to core objectives by properly understanding their obligations and limitation, which governs the university and be key link between workers and management.

Moreover, the university council as the highest management body of the university should be ready to show the right way to solve all challenges that will arise in between and allow the conducive environment of the university to remain the centre of excellence, added Ms Kabaka.

Ms Kabaka added that the University of Dodoma was the unique one in the country as the fundamental plan of the government was to establish the university to accommodate all students who graduated from secondary schools through “MEM and MEMKWA” bases from ward secondary school.

She urged the council to assist the government to attain to that goal. Ms Kabaka said the capacity of the University of Dodoma (UDOM) to enroll students per year was 45,000. She further said that the intake could not be handled by any other university in the country.

The government, she said, directly depended on the quality of graduates from UDOM to enhance building the economy. The new council, whose members are normally appointed by the Chancellor of the University H.E.

Retired President Benjamen William Mkapa, comes from the ministry of education, health and Finance from Tanzania mainland and also one member from the Isles ministry of Education, Zanzibar.

In addition the council has two representatives from University of Dodoma Students Organisation (UDOSO) and two from Workers Council (THTU). The chairperson for the council is a presidential appointee post and the current fourth council chairperson Ms Gaudencia Kabaka was appointed by H.E. President Dr John Pombe Magufuli almost three months ago to man UDOM Council.

There are other three chairpersons including Dr Bilali, Ambassador Mwapachu and Ambassador Augustino Mahiga who is now minister for foreign affairs and East African Cooperation.

Meanwhile, UDOM Vice Chancellor Prof Idrisa Kikula advised all members to engage in high grade communication by enhance sides, workers council and the management to work together and observe the university’s regulation.

Prof Kikula thanked the President Dr John Pombe Magufuli and UDOM Chancellor Hon Retired President Benjamin William Mkapa for proper selection of the Council’s members whom he said, will help UDOM to go more forward in its mission

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