Makonda hands over design for Bakwata headquarters, mosque

Speaking shortly after handing-over the proposed design, Mr Makonda said the structure, to take the form of three-storeys, will cost more than 5 billion/-. "I will come on Friday to lay-down the foundation stone. The construction will start very soon and will take about 14 month," Mr Makonda said. The RC urged Muslims to preach about peace and unity in the country. He said plans by the regional leader are due to the fact that BAKWATA has also been championing for peace in the country. "Religious leaders are very important people. They have been preaching about peace -- and leaders have been guiding us on the right path to reach Allah." THE Chief Sheikh, Mufti Abubakar Zubeir Bin Ali, thanked Mr Makonda for his plans, calling other players to support the construction of the BAKWATA headquarters and mosque.

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