How Pemba tamed Bilharzia to its knees

ZANZIBAR has managed to control Bilharzia, reducing its infection from 15 to a mere four percent, the Ministry of Health in the Revolutionary government of Zanzibar has said.

Deputy minister for Health, Harusi Said Suleiman made the remarks at the launch of the project in Pemba. Suleiman said achievements recorded were made possible by increased efforts of the ministry's officials charged with the five-year project.

He noted that last year's focus was aimed at providing public education among pupils and students on how best they could fight the disease through cleaning water sources. "We have managed to control the disease in the first phase of the project, seeing a reduction from 15 to four percent," he explained.

He commended the government of China for its assistance in protecting the lives of the Zanzibar people and children. Suleiman also said if left uncontrolled, the disease could wreck the lives of children, especially those under the age of 18 by damaging their reproductive systems.

Earlier, Chen Li, the Consul of China's Consulate General to Zanzibar, said the project focuses on improving the health of the people in Pemba along Mtangani, Kiuyu, Minungwini and Wingiwi Streets.

A health ministry official, one Baraka said the government had taken efforts to eliminate Bilharzia by building a structure and equipping it with modern laboratory equipment to detect and treat the disease.

He said available laboratories were capable of conducting investigations to detect the disease in record time.

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