Five drug kingpins netted

FIVE alleged drug dealers in Dar es Salaam have been arrested, with Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Paul Makonda, ordering an arrest of nine police officers linked to the illegal trade.

Mr Makonda told reporters in the city yesterday that the suspected drug kingpins were apprehended during an overnight special operation that he carried out in collaboration with the region’s security and defence organs.

He named the suspects under police custody as Ahmed Ngahemela popularly known as Petit man, Said Lina (Alteza), Nasor Nassor, B a k a r i Khelef and o n e identif i e d b y one name, Omary. “Some of the suspects were found in possession of the illicit drugs,” charged the RC, describing the operation as continuing to disband the entire network of drug dealers in the city. Mr Makonda who also chairs the region’s peace and security committee, demanded the immediate arrest of police officers accused of collaborating with drug dealers.

Police officers in the arrest list include former Kinondoni Regional Police Commander Christopher Fuime, Kinondoni Regional Crime Officer Fadhil, Inspector Wayi, Steven (D/ SGT-RCO Kinondoni) and James (D/C-Kinondoni).

Others are Swai, Neri, Willy and Makomeo at Oysterbay station, D/CPT Dotto from Kijitonyama police station, WP Glory of Kawe police station and JB from Chang’ombe police station. “During the special operation that we carried, these police officers were often mentioned by ‘wananchi’, as being part of the network.

I have, therefore, ordered their arrest and interrogation, be they are in or outside the region,” said Mr Makonda. The RC also directed some Dar es Salaam-based artists to surrender themselves at Central Police Station today to give statements over their alleged drug abuse or drug business facilitation.

The summoned artists are Wema Sepetu, Khaleed Mohamed (TID), Winfrida Josephat (Recho), Khery Sameer (Mr Blue), Hamidu Chambuso (Dogo Hamidu) and Rashid Makwiro (Chid Benz).

The RC also ordered operators of the city-based night clubs, George Dragon and Q-Bar, alleged to deal in illicit drugs to surrender themselves at Central Police station today at 11.00am.

According to Mr Makonda, the suspected police officers were reportedly hampering the operations in the region by exposing operation information to the suspects. Dar es Salaam Special Zone Police Commander Simon Sirro is expected to talk about the issue today.

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