Dr Shein touts maximum use of local experts

PRESIDENT Ali Mohamed Shein yesterday advised the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training to use local experts instead of hiring expatriates.

“There are many advantages in using local experts in your respective ministries. Let us make the best use of them instead of relying on foreigners,” Dr Shein said at a State House meeting with officers from the Education Ministry, asking Zanzibaris to exhibit patriotism through use of national resources.

The president met the ministry officials, led by the Minister, Ms Rizki Pembe Juma, who presented her ministry performance report for the 2016/2017 quarterly period.

Dr Shein expressed his satisfaction with the ministry’s performance, urging staff to minimise expenditures, especially on the hiring of experts from abroad, to enable the government to save money for other development programmes.

The minister said the ministry was on track to meet its goals, including construction of more vocational training centres in Unguja and Pemba as well as addressing the problem of desk shortage in schools.

“We have received 5,150 desks, 1,630 chairs and 600 tables from various donors, including legislators and Diasporas,” the minister said, noting that Zanzibar needs over 45,000 desks to overcome the shortage.

The minister also informed the president that the ministry’s priorities, as per 2016/2021 programme, was quality education at all levels in the islands through availability of enough books and ensuring that teachers adhere to teaching guidelines.

At the meeting, the Second Vice-President, Ambassador Seif Ali Iddi, encouraged team work, commitment and honesty as the best way to improve performance in schools and produce highly qualified students.

Chief Secretary Abdulhamid Yahya Mzee urged headteachers and other staff in the schools to collaborate towards attaining the envisaged best results in education.

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