Bogus leader arrested for using Whatsapp to swindle people

POLICE are holding a Dar es Salaam resident, Wilfred Massawe (36), for allegedly conning people by posing as a government leader. A statement issued in Dar es Salaam yesterday by Police Spokesperson, ACP Advera Bulimba, said the suspect has been pretending to be a government official through his Whatsapp account to obtain money by false pretences.

ACP Bulimba said that through his social media account, Massawe posed as government leader abroad, informing his executives about the death of his close relative in Tanzania and directed them to support him in clearing the treatment cost, transporting the body of the deceased and meeting other funeral expenses.

ACP Bulimba said that the suspect also pretended to be a religious leader (bishop), deceiving leaders and religious followers about the preparations of religious symposiums so that he could collect money for the activities.

According to the statement, Massawe managed to con government leaders, workers, managers and directors in government institutions, politicians and religious believers.

She said that Massawe managed to commit all the crimes by using his mobile phone through text messages.

The police spokesperson said the force was concluding other legal procedures for the suspect to be brought before the court. She, however, cautioned the people to be watchful against such networks of conmen and report to the police in case they have any information concerning the group.

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